Due to COVID19, we are reworking our sponsorhip program.  At this time, we can not offer in person visits.


Sponsoring a horse is one of the ways you can support North Shore Horse Rescue’s efforts. Regular sponsors are the heart in our body of support; we would not be able to survive without them. Each sponsor receives a one of a kind polaroid photo and regular updates of the horse they select to sponsor.

ABOUT: Giving the gift of a Sponsorship is a unique gift for someone who will appreciate that your thoughtfulness helped a horse in need. Not only is this a great gift idea, but a wonderful program for school kids, church groups, and business organizations to be a part of.   What is better than to give a gift that keeps on giving?!  Sponsorship encourages you to visit the farm, spend time with your sponsored horse, groom + graze.  We offer a few different levels of sponsorships so that anyone can become a sponsor!  The sponsorship program offers workshops + educational one-on-ones to learn the basics about your sponsored horse, their past + general horsemanship.  


Please send the Sponsorship Dollar Amount (via venmo or paypal) with your name + sponsor selection in the notes section.  Follow the payment up with an email to: northshorehorserescue@gmail.com to confirm the Sponsorship.  Within 24 hours we will send you the Sponsorship Letter of Recognition + Terms & Agreements along with our upcoming workshops schedule.  Each Sponsor will receive a Welcome to the Herd Card + One-of-a-kind Polaroid of their Sponsored Horse.  Please let us know where to send this card + photo to.  LAST MINUTE, NO PROBLEM, we're fast to act!  Give the gift of a sponsorship today! 


What does it cost to care for a horse each month?

-  our rescue horses each cost approximately $250 / month on just the basics (food, shelter, water + cleaning).  

Why do people say owning a horse is so expensive?

- well because it's true :)   Boarding alone can be upwards of $900 a month on the North Fork + in the Hamptons!   This is why sponsorship can be such a great way to make the farm + the horses part of your life without having to break the bank!

Can I make a one time Sponsorship Donation?

-  absolutely!  You can chose to make a 1x monthly sponsorship donation or commit to a series of months.  You can also sponsor a different horse each month to "make the rounds" as we call it!  Another great way to donate for the first time would be to purchase our Date with a Horse package where you will get a one-hour one-on-one with a volunteer + horse of your choice.

What will the one-on-one with the experienced volunteer be like?

-  this is intended to help you get acquainted with your new #BFF!  You will learn the story about your sponsored horse, their past + the journey that lead them here.  We will teach you all about their diet + routine.  The time will be spent learning natural horseman ship practices with your sponsored horse, grooming, walking your horse + spending time with them. 

Can I ride my sponsored horse?

- Many of horses that are available for sponsorship are retired + enjoying it!  They are companion horses but crave the interaction with their humans.  You might not be able to ride them but their company is so rewarding!  We do, however, hold monthly workshops for the Sponsors where you could have the opportunity to ride other non-sponsored horses + learn about general ground work + easy riding. 

Which horses are available for Sponsorship?

-  all of our rescues are available for sponsorship.  Some horses have more than one sponsor but there is definitely enough love to go around!  Click here to meet them! 

Which Sponsored Horses are Rideable?

- Copper + Tate + Janet... BUT sponsorship doesn't include riding.  

We are a Sanctuary offering a safe + loving homes for unwanted + abused horses,

riding is not our main focus, if you are only looking to ride than we might

not be the best farm for you!  We sure hope you will stop by regardless! 

What is a farm visit?

- As a sponsor you will have unlimited farm visits.  Farm visits are unscheduled "drop-ins" where you can spend time with your sponsored horse from outside the fence, feed treats + take photos.  During your one-on-one visits you will take your sponsored horse out of the paddock, groom, walk, turn out + learn the basics about caring for a horse.  One-on-one visits must be scheduled in advance. 

Are any of the horses adoptable?

- Yes!  Many of our Sponsored Horses are available for adoption but some will live their remaining days at NSHR.

I just sent in my Sponsorship payment.  Now what?

- CONGRATULATIONS!  Welcome to the herd!  Email us to set up your first One-on-one appointment with your Sponsor!  We can't wait to watch your relationship grow! 


Sponsor a Barn Kitty: $25 per month (for medications + foods + love)

Buy A Bale of Hay: $10 / each (each horse eats about a bale a day!)

Bag of Grain: $25 / each (amazon wish-list)



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